Nitric Oxide and L-Arginine

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L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide – Breathe Easier

Nitric Oxide L-Arginine

Nitric Oxide can boost your heart health

L-arginine is an incredible member of the amino acid family, and is a critical precursor for Nitric Oxide, a molecule used by your body for important chemical signaling for your cardiovascular system.

Amino acids are primarily known as being the building blocks our bodies use to create proteins, but many of them are also used by the body to create other organic compounds that perform certain functions in the body, such as chemical signaling, As always, being a passionate advocate of an organic raw food diet, I recommend seeking to supplement nutrients by looking for the right fresh whole foods. Amino acids also have synergistic effects when taken together, so its always best to seek foods that supplement a wide range of amino acids. L-arginine has several plant sources, primarily nuts and legumes, so it’s easily obtained through diet.

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Turmeric | In Perfect Health

Turmeric is a spectacular cancer fighter!

One of the cornerstone spices in the southern regions in Asia, turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a root spice related closely to ginger. Turmeric is a main ingredient in curry sauces and lends a bright yellow color to the foods it’s in (and to your clothes, too, if you’’re not careful!). However, as much revered as it is for the amazing dishes it makes, its real value is in what is does for your body. Many spices offer amazing health benefits, but turmeric is stands out in this regard. If you don’t already know what turmeric can do for you, read on and get ready to meet a real star!

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The Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

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The Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian | vegan | In Perfect Health

The primary difference between vegan and vegetarian is that vegetarians consume eggs, and dairy products

For some of us, there’s a little confusion about the difference between vegan and vegetarian diets, so I’ve decided to dedicate this quick post to helping you to understand the difference between vegans and vegetarians. In a nutshell, the difference between vegan and vegetarian is that vegetarians do consume at least some animal-based products and vegans do not. For example, most vegetarians still eat cheese, eggs, other dairy products and some eat fish.

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Becoming Vegan

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Becoming Vegan!

Becoming Vegan | Becoming a Vegan | In Perfect Health

Becoming vegan is a fantastic choice for your health

One of the best things you to improve your health is  becoming vegan. Eliminating animal-based foods and becoming vegan has an incredible and dramatic positive impact on your health!  In this post, I’ll be exploring benefits of becoming vegan plant-based diet and the effects of meat and dairy on the digestive tract and the body, and finally steps you can take to transition towards becoming vegan.

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Shopping for triturating juicers on amazon? Not sure what the major types of juicers are? The juicer is integral to the healthy kitchen. Choosing from the many juicers can seem intimidating and some of the higher end juicers can seem expensive, but the right juicer is worth the investment many times over. There are many types of juicers available, and they vary both in price and options. So how do you pick the right juicer for you?

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The Raw Food Diet

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The Raw Food Diet – The single best thing you an do for your body.

Raw Food Diet | Raw Foods | In Perfect Health

The Raw Food Diet includes a lot of dark leafy greens

There is no better way to ensure fantastic health than to choose to eat a predominantly raw food diet of fresh leafy greens, vegetables and fruit – We call this the Raw Food Diet. The closer you get to an all vegan, all raw, all organic diet, the closer you get to choosing the perfect diet for unbelievable health, hands down. Our bodies absolutely flourish and thrive when we eat raw fresh plant-based foods. Excess weight vanishes, disease becomes a thing of the past, and we feel radiant and energetic. A few years ago, I chose the raw food diet after I’d reached a crisis point with my health, and the transformation I underwent was nothing short of incredible. I’ve never felt better than I do when I am eating all raw, with at least one meal as a green juice.

There are so many reasons to choose the raw food diet. I could fill a book (and some folks have!) about why this is so important for you. You can bet that this will be a major recurring theme on this blog, and it is so important that I will do everything I can to emphasize the raw food diet here on In Perfect Health. Just for starters, I’ll highlight some of the major reasons why the raw food diet rocks:

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juicing | benefits of juicing | In Perfect Health

Juicing provides superior nutrition

Start Juicing – drinking your veggies by  juicing them is one of the best and most wonderful ways to really get good nutrition. Juicing allows you to get concentrated nutrients from fruits and vegetables while dispensing with the extra bulk of food. Also, juicing benefits us by allowing us to get more of the very best foods – dark leafy greens – than we might otherwise be able or willing to eat on our plates. It’s also surprisingly filling; a glass of fresh squeezed green juice fills you up and keeps you that way for quite a while! That’s because our bodies are designed to feel full once we’ve gotten the right levels of nutrients that we need. Juices, particularly green juices, have the best nutrient and mineral content of all foods and  you feel great and full when you enjoy a nice tall glass of freshly made juice.

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